Friday, July 21, 2006

Exploring through Orkut

I was there in for a long time. From the begining itself, I have added lot many friends… I just thought of adding friends… Didin’t event mind to go back to them and talk to them. I made so many friends like that… But last week, I have started talking to so many people… I met so many people and talked to them… People from different part of the world, who talks different languages, who are having different perspective on life…Met some very serious people, some bloggers, some fresh talents from campus… I met so many school friends, whom I have lost long way back… I got them back… It is a wonderful experience to talk to them after a long time… Nice is really to hear from them….

As part of the exploring, I met some interesting people… One is Durga… ooops wrong one… Her actual name is Manju….She is a regular blogger. She is a software engineer by profession. But she is a creative writer. I have gone through her blogs and talked to her a lot about the same. Her concept about life, religion are excellent… He is very much religious and very close to the God Almighty. I have seen her programs ove Asianet. I am looking towards some great works from her… It was a fantastic experience to meet such a person in

Another person is Syamnath from Lukhnow… But he is basically a Keralite. He is a regular orkut vistor… He had a strange way of making friends… He used to visit the campus communities and pick some people whose profile seems to be interesting… He is not at all a serious person… He likes traveling and he has written so many descriptions about the places he has visited. So many beautiful travelogues… he has given me so many valubale information about so amny places and so manu concepts…. It was a great experience to talk to him… Now he is on a vacation to Tibat… I am eagerlyw aiting for his return to know more about Tibat….

So I just realized how valube this Orkut is… Meeting people and sharing experience is something great…When you meet great people, that will become a wonderful experience… So I am going to stick on to Orkut… Awaiting for such wonderful occasions…..

Monday, July 3, 2006

Family Get-Together

A weekend that gave me lots of things to remember… I was there in Eranakulam to attend a Entrepreneur Business session in Arafa Hall of Le Meridian, Cochin. The session was fantastic. It was strted around 12 o clock noon and went upto 8:30 PM. It was really a motivational session. So many people have given their valuable advise on Personality development and self development. Each one were stressing on the success of an individual. It has given some real inspiration for me…

Another important thing about this weekend was the family get-together that happened as part of this. My cousins from Bangalore were there. So it was nice to see them together after a long time… Precisely after 1.5 years… It was great fun to eat outside and freak out there in the city… It was very difficult for everyone to part after such an enjoyment… Anyway it was a great weekend… I am just looking forward to occasions…
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