Monday, January 8, 2007

Back to the Past…

It’s quite a nostalgic feeling when we go back to the places where we have been for a long time. I have experienced the same this weekend. I went to Turbo Plus the training division of US Technology. The purpose was quite official but when I reached there I felt some difference in the look and feel… All the things have been changed. I couldn’t even find the non-working lift… When I entered the reception, it was completely re-innovated… All those sweet memories were started flashing through my mind… I took the permission from the authorities and went to the classes were I was sat during our training period… When I entered the lab, I couldn’t see those lesser memory, outdated systems where no longer there. They were replaced with some very good machines… I spent some time there and got down from there… While I was traveling back, all those training days were coming into my mind… Now I am truly missing those days, friends, jokes, and exams…all… It’s hard to believe that, we won’t be getting back those sweet days…. But it was a fantastic experience for me…

Monday, January 1, 2007

A New Year is a reminder to celebrate
All things that good in your world…

… the people you love
The places you are a part of
The memories you hold on to….

…..and those unforgettable moments
When you close your eyes and breathe in life
With a smile….

May your heart be filled with
Lots of little reasons to celebrate at New Year and always…

Wishing You a Happy New Year!!!

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