Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last day with US Technology…

28th March, 2007 Wednesday. My last day with US Technology. I have started my career as a fresher in US Technology around 25 months back. It was a fantastic experinece to work with a company, which has started as a noble experiment. It got a unique value and culture system of considering each and everyone of the USsociates equal. I am very much fond of this organization. Joining here as a fresher, I got enormous oppurtunity to work with all the company activities like Foundation week, colors, forum etc.etc.etc.. When I have decided to say bye to this organiztion, I was well aware that, thats not gonna be an easy decision to work out. But atlast the D-Day has come. Now I am realizing how much I am attached to my first company, that too sentimentaly… I can’t even weap though my eyes are filled with tears… It was one of the toughest decision I have ever taken in my life… When my lanyard has taken off and a temperory Id was provided, it was really hard to believe that, I am no longer an USsociate. It not only the company but my fellow colleagues too tighlt hold me to that organization… I will def miss all the good days and times there, even though decision to quit was mine….

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Very Special Day for me…

01-March-2007… A very special day in my life. I have completed two years with US Technology, Trivandrum. I, along with another 29 people have joined US Technology on the first of March 2005 after that great Turbo+ training. I belong to the G4H4 batch. Around 35 people from diffrent part of the world came under one name..G4H4… We have started our career pursuit from there. Many of them left us during the training period itself…. But 29 of us have joined US Technology, with lot many hopes and ambitions… Two years have gone in a very quick time…That friendship kept on continuing, even though many of our friends have left UST… Now with 21 people, we have completed two years…. Looking back to those sweet memories we had here in US Technology, really making me to boast about my dearest pals…. Many people are yet to be departed. Many of us have decided to leave… I don’t think, I will be there for the Third year completion of this batch in US Technology. But this group was a very special one for me… All my pals are really inspiring and all the moments I have spent along with them were really enjoying & worth memorable… I am really proud to say that I belong to that special category of people called “G4H4 pals”.

I am taking this oppurtunity to wish each and everyone of us a very great Career ahead….
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