Monday, March 13, 2006

International Nite @ Poovar

12th March 2006, a great for my account (International). We have conducted our first-ever International Nite on that day @ Estuary Island Resort Poovar. It is away from the heart beat of the metro, anchored by backwaters estuary, hills looking down with years of sagacity, mangroves and coconut palm low lands, stunning panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. Estuary covered by backwaters on three side and by sea on the west… We reached there by around 5 o clock. It was a great time, when we had our Team-Building activities there in the beach. Those games as well as the observation part were really helpful to improve ourselves. Then we had our cultural event “GENESIS” there in the conference hall. Nattu with his Keyboard and Sunith with his Guitar were stolen the show… After dinner, there was a big olam music party by us. That was the really entertainer for the day…. We have celebrated South Africa’s historic win over the world Champions Aussies inside boat… After all … some nice memories left… A great day… Really great….

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