Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Sonia’s Engagement & Marriage

One of our GH Pal, Sonia’s engagement was on 29th May 2006, Sunday at Little Flower Church, Elamkulam, Cochin. Her world be Noel, is working with Infosys, Bangalore. Their marriage is on 11th June 2006. I am taking this opportunity to congratulate and wish her a happy and successful married life. Nothing more… Life is just going fine…Rainy season, very cool atmosphere… Not feeling like doing anything… Just wish to sit at home and enjoy… Nowadays bit busy with work as well as debating… Mainly exploring the sports - cricket areas since India-WI series going on… Another favorite job is to thrash the forwards… Infy and CTS pals are very busy with forwarding such stuffs… So it has became a nightmare for me, even though i was a die-hard supporter of the forwards earlier… Was just joking…. Nothing more to write… Thinking that events are not at all coming to my life… Hope this may change soon….

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